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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Winging it

My fear of flying has reared its ugly head again. I'm flying alone to Malta in July for a friend's wedding. I haven't flown since we went to New York last year, which is just long enough for the dull anxiety to start creeping back in. I have dallied about booking it for months, with the excuse that I couldn't book it until I knew if I had a job or not. As the job situation isn't really looking up (I'm freelancing to keep my head above water) I very uncharacteristically threw 'caution to the wind' and booked it last week.

Although I am looking forward to seeing my friend get married, I can't say I'm excited by the prospect of spending time in Malta. It's not a holiday destination I would've chosen. Most people I know have pulled a face when I've told them where I'm going. My dad went there on holiday once and said it was the dullest 10 days of his life. And he lived in Catford for a year.